Healthcare Facility Tubs

  • The latest designs in health care facility bathing
  • Designed to use less water & make bathing easier and quicker for both healthcare provider and patient
  • Simple, durable designs make maintenance and cleaning easy
  • All tubs made in the USA

RR7 11 Atlantic

The Atlantic features a smart Low water volume design and a reclining spacious contoured interior.  This design offers the user and the provider complete safety as well as comfort.

RK12 Winnipeg

The durable Winnipeg is the backbone of many facilities bathing rooms.  A free standing design means easy and flexible installation.  It has a spacious comfortable contoured interior for maximum comfort for the user.  Its seat and wall height make it safe and easy for the user to transfer and bathe independently or for a provider to easily assist with out strain.  The Winnipeg has additional features and options to make the bathing experience safer and more comfortable.

RS8-ST - "Geneva"

The RS8 -ST Geneva is a free standing supine tub designed to allow free access around entire tub.  It has a sleek durable design with on board options and features to make bathing easy and efficient for the care giver.

RL-9 Victoria Bath Lift

  • Designed to work with the RL-9 Victoria Bath Lift for seamless transfers
  • Wide side entry door allows for easy access for residents with varying levels of mobility without the lift
  • Contoured seat to allow resident to sit safely and comfortable in a slightly reclined position
  • Standard features include air spa system, thermostatic mixing valve, built in disinfection system, water temperature display, lap and shoulder harness.


  • Sliding pressure sealed door elevated bathtub. Designed for people with lower body mobility issues to "slide" into tub from seated position.
  • Wide side entry door allows for easy access for residents with varying levels of mobility without the lift
  • Design also helps reduce lower back stress on patient care provider by keeping bather in a helper position

CTS 6032

  • 1 piece ADA Compliant tub/shower unit.
  • 60x32x73 with right of left drain
  • Plywood backed fiberglass gelcoat walls for superior strength

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