Convert a Tub into a Walk-in Shower

Model One

Model 2

Convert a tub: Modifying your bathtub by performing a tub cut is the least expensive and quickest way to solve the problem of getting into and out of your tub.

  • This innovative step can be installed in any tub including fiberglass, steel and even cast iron.
  • It is installed in less than a day
  • Economical – is a fraction of the cost of remodeling.
  • The Safeway step is ideal for homes, apartments, senior living communities, and hotels.

Because we stock this product and many other accessories Total Access of New England can install your step promptly so you can enjoy bathing safely once again. We also install grab bars, tub seats, hand held showers and heavy duty curtains to offer you the ultimate in safe bathing conversions. Check out our safe bathing packages here.

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